How to understand your horse?

The horse is a beautiful and very particular animal on the behavioral level. To contribute to his well-being, the rider must be attentive to the smallest details of his horse. Here are some tips to help you better understand your horse.

The horse, a very sociable animal

The first step towards understanding a horse is to know that it is a very sociable animal. When he is in the company of his fellow creatures, he is more reassured. Above all, the presence of a congeneric by his side favors a good experience. For example, it will like to put itself head to toe with the other one for a mutual cleaning. Also, it is necessary to realize that the horse has a very good memory. This makes him remember his best moments. Thus, he feels even more secure when the good experiences are repeated.

Knowing how to listen to your horse

It is often said that in order to understand, you have to listen. Well, this is also the case when you want to understand a horse. You must learn to listen to your animal. Indeed, he has several ways to express himself. They may squeak, snore, or even blow to respond to others or to signal their presence. It is up to you to be attentive to the different noises your beautiful animal makes.

An animal with highly developed senses

There is also a detail that will help you better understand your horse. It is the fact that his senses are very developed. He has a well-developed sense of smell that makes it easier for him to recognize his food. Also, thanks to his sense of smell, he can easily track his fellow horses by following their tracks. Also, it has an almost panoramic sight. As for hearing, the horse has mobile and extremely sensitive ears. As soon as it perceives a noise, they go towards it to know the source. Moreover, when you observe your horse carefully, you will notice that before moving on an uncertain ground, he feels it. Observing him allows you to understand his condition and his moods.