How to train your dog not to chew?

A dog's bite hurts a lot, so it's important to teach your dog certain limits from a young age. Often, it is when a dog is excited while playing that he loses control. Discover in this article some practical tips that can help you teach your dog.

Play at will and say no

Generally speaking, it's not a problem to play with your puppy at home. But you need to teach him to control his energy in the appropriate objects. It's important that play be played in a somewhat easy manner. To begin your play sessions, you should have several types of sturdy toys available. During play, when you see that the puppy wants to use those teeth, put a toy in his mouth. Then you need to teach your puppy the no option. If he starts to chew on you, remove your hands and tell him no. If after you say no, he sits quietly, you should reward him for his good behavior.

Give a loud squeal and teach your dog the command <leave!

When your dog uses his teeth to bite you, you should yell loudly. Even if you don't feel much pain, you should yell. Your yelling will let him know he's hurting you and withdraw at the same time. After that scream, refuse to play with him for a few minutes. And when you resume playing with him, keep objects with you to put in his mouth to prevent him from biting you. Next, it's important to teach your dog the <leave> option. With this option, she will no longer be able to put inappropriate objects in her mouth or bite them. Avoid teaching him this command in the early days of your play. When he will be used to playing with you, you can start by giving him these command notions. Finally, give him small rewards each time he obeys you.