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Why don't you shove that badge up your ass, see if it makes you smile!

Welcome to Caligulas-aquarium.net, the obliterated hope network, a small domain that's part of the nafarious network. Every fanlisting that was hosted on something- diabolical.net is now hosted on Caligulas-aquarium.net. Please use the links above (domain and fanlistings) to navigate this site.

It's no secret that I absolutely adore and love John Marston, along with the game, Red Dead Redemption. I play the game and Undead Nightmare over and over just so I can hear his voice and experience the heartache of John's story. So I had to make a layout to my favorite outlaw and sharpshooter.

The Obliterated Hope network has 66 fanlistings with 0 upcoming and 0 pending. There are a total of 5614 fans for all the fanlistings on the network and 1 pending. The number of joined fanlistings is 260, which will slowly become more when Kellie gets off her lazy butt.

Skepticism is the bastard child of progress, son

Red Dead Redemption, John Marston. Rockstar Games. All rights reserved. Images used in the fanlisting were found via google. This domain is owned and maintained by Kellie. The Obliterated hope network is part of the nafarious network.